Search Subscription Databases (E-Sources)

Your library may offer some subscription databases that can be searched along with the library catalog. These remote databases are available when you click Select Databases. Other remote databases may be set up as E-sources that you search separately. The library may restrict the use of an e-source so that it can be accessed only from certain locations, only by registered patrons, or only by certain types of patrons. A message informs you if the e-source is restricted. You can search one e‑source at a time.

Search an e-source

To search a subscription database that is searched separately from the library catalog:

Other subscription databases may be available to search along with the library catalog. These are available under Select Databases. E-sources are subscription databases that are searched separately.

  1. Click E-Sources on the Search menu. The e-sources page displays the available database categories and targets, as established by the library. A category is a group of related databases. A target is a specific database.
  2. Select any category to display the subcategories and target e-sources in the category. (You can also select a target directly. See step 4.)

Click the plus sign to see more information about a target or category.

  1. To navigate among categories and subcategories, click the navigation links at the top of the e-sources page.
  2. Select an e-source target to search.
  3. If you are asked to provide your library account number (barcode) or user name and password, type these in the appropriate spaces and click Log In.

The Web page for the e-source opens in a secondary browser window.

  1. Follow the search instructions for the e-source you selected.
  2. Click X to close the e-source window and return to the library catalog.